Dam Busters 1943 on (Haynes H5015)

Dam Busters 1943 on (Haynes H5015)
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Dam Busters Manual (Haynes H5015)

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A guide to the weapons technology used against the dams and special targets of Nazi-occupied Europe By: Iain Murray

The famous dams raid in May 1943 was made possible only by the fusion of cutting-edge technology with the raw courage of a hand-picked squadron of RAF airmen. The incredible bouncing bomb, used to devastating effect by 617 Squadron on the Ruhr dams, was the vanguard of a whole train of technical developments that made this and other precision raids possible. Using the Haynes Manual approach, Iain Murray describes the technology behind the bouncing bomb as well as the heavily modified Lancasters that were used to deliver the weapons.

As advertised in Britain At War

'absolutely fascinating' Best of British

Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 160 pages, 50 colour & 150 b&w illustrations

ISBN : 9780857330154

Book No. : H5015


When the Second World War broke out, aeronautical engineer Barnes Wallis asked himself what he could do to shorten the war. His answer was to develop a range of air-delivered weapons to attack enemy targets that until then were invulnerable to conventional bombs and bombing. These weapons, their development and delivery to target are revealed in fascinating detail in the Dam Busters Manual.

The Dam Busters Manual is packed with photos, diagrams, specially commissioned artwork and technical drawings. This artwork shows a Lancaster B1 carrying the infamous Grand Slam 'earthquake' bomb used to great effect against underground targets such as V2 launch sites and railway tunnels.

The Ruhr dams in Germany were one such group of vital strategic targets and in one of Wallis's characteristic flashes of genius he provided the means to attack and destroy them. His 'bouncing bombs' were dropped by the Lancasters of 617 Squadron on 16-17 May 1943, smashing open the Möhne and Eder dams - the raid became the stuff of legend.
Dam Busters Manual

An RAF reconnaissance photo, showing the breach in the Eder dam, illustrates how successful a specially developed weapon, in this case the 'bouncing bomb', can be.

After the dams raid, the RAF retained 617 Squadron as a special operations unit, which soon acquired the familiar nickname of the 'Dam Busters' and was selected to drop another new type of bomb, the 12,000lb 'Blockbuster', which for a short time was the largest weapon in the RAF's armoury.

This was followed by the so-called 'earthquake' bombs - the 12,000lb 'Tallboy' and massive 22,000lb 'Grand Slam' - probably the most effective non-nuclear bombs of the war. They were dropped with success by 617 Squadron and 9 Squadron on a variety of crucial targets including the Nazi V weapon sites, U boat pens, bridges and the formidable battleship Tirpitz.

Dr Iain Murray applies the familiar Haynes Manuals treatment to provide rare insights into the wartime worlds of specialist bomb design and development, and their delivery by the RAF. With a comprehensive selection of rare archive photographs and technical drawings, and specially commissioned artwork, he re-tells the legendary 'Dam Busters' story through the medium of the technology that made it all possible.
Author: Dr Iain Murray is a lecturer at the University of Dundee. He is the author of Bouncing Bomb Man (Haynes 2009) and was a consultant for the ITV drama series Foyle's War, which featured an episode about the bouncing bomb. He lives in Dundee.


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