Trailblazers: Test Pilots in Action (Pen & Sword)

Trailblazers: Test Pilots in Action (Pen & Sword)
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Trailblazers: Test Pilots in Action (Pen & Sword)

Flight testing experimental and new aircraft is one of the world’s most hazardous occupations. A test pilot requires the skills of a flying ace whilst maintaining the self-control and mental discipline of a scientist. They are a rare breed, carefully selected for their experience and intelligence – let alone their bravery.

This book contains a series of exclusive, fascinating anecdotes written by some of the world's best, flying iconic aircraft during the extensive experimental flights that must take place before a type can enter service. Each story is a unique insight into these modern day technological explorers. From Concorde to the Phantom jet, Spitfire to the U-2 spy plane.

ISBN : 9781844157488

Book No. Pen & Sword

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